Health and Wellness During Covid-19

Health and Wellness During Covid-19

Allow me to start this blog off by mentioning awareness of the toll and impact this pandemic has had and continues to have on the physical and mental wellness of mankind. In the most difficult of times, the human race is struggling to keep their mental strength together. We see the commercials on television of ways to help relax the mind and body by way of deep breathing, meditation and exercise. It is of high importance to first understand what is happening, be aware of how being in-doors for such a long time may be impacting you and take steps to make each and everyday better. Okay so how can we do this? The world as we know it today is life threatening! Lets start by " wearing our mask".... Begin your day with a little me time. Take a moment lets say 30 minutes a day in the morning to set your pace with meditation, do 20 minutes of excercise. When we hear the word excercise we tend to think of sweating, heavy breathing, weight pumping. Stop right there, excercise may consist of walking, exercising your lungs by deep breathing, you may choose to do stretching, turn on YouTube and get into a few yoga videos, pilates. One thing i enjoy is turning on my playlist and dancing away it turns on my happy bulb and really gets my energy going. Also on another note, have you all of a sudden found yourself in a position where you are now an at home teacher full time? I have found it easier to allow teachers to teach my children and when my assistance is needed i am there to help. After school ends, double check and be sure all work/homework is completed. Understand that it is easy to overwhelm yourself trying to sit through the day of 2nd grade all week long and being flustered with other necessities along the way so pace yourself. Next, now is the time to use video calling to interact with family and friends, way to keep your distance and be safe while at the same time having the ability to interact socially. The human mind does not do well being in solitary ( it can drive you insane). Use it or lose it, this is the time to complete that book you started. It is easier to look on the positive side of things rather than fold to those that are negative. Okay now that i have rambled off a few ideas, what have you been doing to get by in these trying times?

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