Exfoliate and regenerate the skin your in with Dream Voltage Apparel refine body scrub collection. Feel silky, smooth and renewed.

Dream Voltage Apparel exfoliating scrubs contain a variety of the most sought after ingredients such as Honey, Vitamin E Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Shae Butter, Mica Powder, Phenonip Preservative, Mango Butter, Essential oils, coffee, sugars for exfoliation, soap based products and body butter base for the most soft and luxurious silky skin that is desired.  Enjoy our products and don't forget to leave a review, let us know how we are doing. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction because our customers always comes first.  

Our products may contain Cocoa butter, Shae butter, Mango butter or all three in combination with coconut oil. For more information or inquiries, please reach us on our instant messenger for a faster reply. We are always at your service!

If you are or think you may be allergic to any of these ingredients, please refrain from use. We recommend a skin test on a small area prior to use. Should you find discomfort in use of any product, stop use immediately and seek professional opinion. 

Do Not use body scrubs more than 2 -3 times per week. When using, use in a  circular motion for best results. Find the scrub your skin cant get enough of? There is more information on its particulars on each product page. Happy shopping and healthy glowing skin heading your way:-) 

Body Exfoliating Refined Scrubs

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