Healthy Hair Care Routine

Healthy Hair Care Routine

Healthy Hair Care Routine

A female’s hair is a vital or perhaps the most vital aspect of women’s fashion. Apart from being easily noticeable, it sets the tone for her entire look and adds an extra layer of finesse to a lady’s beauty. A beautifully styled hair gives any lady an extra air of confidence and swag and of course, no lady walks with her head bent over when she wears on nicely styled hair.

There are quite a few things that go into bringing out that perfectly styled hair that complements a woman ranging from genetics, skin tone, originality of hair just to mention a few but whether it be achieving Michelle Obama’s incredibly beautiful laid silky hair which she turned up in for the inauguration just a few days back or transitioning to natural hair, the importance of wearing a beautifully styled hair cannot be overemphasized.

With ever-changing fashion trends and constant weather changes, it is becoming more exciting and tiring getting to keep up with them all, and now thanks to the pandemic, we’ve had to watch a lot of DIY videos in trying to keep our hair healthy, shining, and in style.

It is safe to say the most important variable in having and maintaining a beautiful hairstyle is having healthy hair. In an age of over processing, badly done hair dye jobs, using of damaging hair products, possessing and maintaining healthy hair has become even more difficult. Every woman wants to have smooth, silky, strong, thick hair and although achieving and maintaining it requires a whole lot of hard work, it sure is achievable.

Let’s get to know a few of the most effective ways to have and maintain healthy hair;

1)      Change your diet

As unreal as this sounds, this is the simplest and most basic information you need to get on that healthy hair trail. Eating well and healthy affects not just the hair but the entire body system supplying proper nutrients at the required amount to each part of the body. Some nutrients are particularly necessary to make your hair healthier than it has ever been.

Protein and iron are two important nutrients the hair cells need for proper growth and protection against hair loss. When eaten adequately, the cells thrive and are strengthened but when in deficiency, the cells are affected. Fatty acids are equally important for hair growth because they account for about 3% of the hair shafts.


The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) of protein recommended for the average sedentary woman to be consumed daily is 46 grams while the recommended Dietary Allowance for Iron is around 15 mg.

The importance of including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and iron in our daily diet cannot be over-emphasized. Foods such as beans, lentils, legumes, walnuts, vegetables, fish, soybeans, milk contain a great amount of these nutrients.

Equally important is the quantity of water you consume daily. A sufficiently hydrated body works wonders in maintaining healthy hair.

2)      Handle your hair with care

This is probably one of the most known but underrated and underused pieces of advice in all of hair history. LOL!

A lot of women have probably heard this a thousand times and still fail in adhering to it. Your hair is not a rug that you have to brush so hard and pull out so much, your hair is fragile. From the simplest effort of buying a hairbrush for your hair, you must always have this at the back of your mind. Get a brush with wide bristles to comb your hair.

Whilst some of us love to get our hair wet very often for whatever reason, it is best not to let your hair get wet too many times and when wet, make sure you carefully comb your hair through from the roots down to the ends. Surely you do not want to overstretch your hair and pull it out by its strands. Well combing your hair with care is not just restricted to when your hair is wet. Know your hair

For one too many women, the urge to try out what a friend, colleague, or family member has tried out on their hair has caused more damage to their hair than they can imagine. As things stand, there are a lot of hair products out there but note this; NOT ALL OF THEM ARE FOR YOUR HAIR. Get to know your hair type and texture before deciding on any treatment or product to be applied to your hair.

3)      Oil your hair regularly

Oiling your hair is a simple but effective method of maintaining healthy hair. Oil adds nutrients to the hair strengthening the roots and protecting it from damage and constant breakage. Oiling is a time-tested technique, so much so that you can be assured of results if applied rightly consistently over some time. Even our mothers would tell you that they simply applied oil way back then to keep their hair strength.

Coconut oil and olive oil are excellent for all types of hair; dry, thin whichever maybe your type, the effects would be outstanding.

4)      Apply the right shampoo and conditioner

Shampoos help to clean the hair and the scalp but as I mentioned earlier, there are different products specifically for different hair types so you have to be sure that it is right for your hair. Applying the wrong products can set you back on your healthy hair goal.

Conditioning of your hair is equally important especially after shampooing to help give your hair that shiny, smooth look. Ensure that you apply the conditioner everywhere through your hair to enjoy well-conditioned hair.

An important point to note though is that time is very important in having healthy hair. Consistently work at it and give yourself time to see the results. Whatever the state of your hair be rest assured that your dream of having healthy hair can be a reality with just that little bit of hard work and patience.



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