The Colour's Of Summer

The Colour's Of Summer

Summer, I bet that’s your favorite season. That makes two of us. The sun, the beach, the pool parties, cocktails, sunscreen, hats, shades and the colors are what we love about summer. It’s the unending parties and outings, the outfits we want to show off, we all look forward to about summer.
After months of wrapping ourselves up in wool, sweaters, gloves, socks and warmers usually of dull bland colours. Summer is the time we go back to the color wheel and start combining all the vibrant popping colors on the wheel for outfits and décor. While we all mean well, the same set of colors have been combined over and over and it’s beginning to seem as though summer every year is just an extension of the last summer. These combinations are beginning to look so regular and “cliché" that there’s really no new combination to look forward to. I will spare you the color theory lessons and just list out color combinations you just have to try out during summer.
Purple and Green: yes, you read that right. Purple is that color that speaks bold and you probably think rocks only with cream or white but have you tried this color with green? For the best results, you can play around with different shades of purple and green. I recommend a dark shade of purple against a light shade of green or vice versa.

⦁ Orange and red: one of the rules of harmonious color mixing is probably not to combine colors from the same quadrant on a wheel. Scratch that rule. Rules are meant to be broken and that’s why this next door neighbors are a wonderful pair to match.

Pink and Orange: still on breaking the rules of color theory, this combination does not need too much effort to be slayed. Celebrities like Beyoncé have pulled this off a couple of times and each time there’s a different appeal to the combination of these colors.

Blue and Purple: Blue is one of the colors of summer that speaks freshness, from the skies to the seas. Combining this color with purple takes your fashion statement to the next level because it is both a daring and risky move. But with the right shades

and variants of both colors matched, you just took summer fashion statement to a whole new level

Mustard and Red: you might already be familiar with yellow and red, but the mustard yellow and bright red color combination is a bomb, irrespective of which is top or bottom.

Lime green and Fuchsia: we all know pink is one of the colors of summer and although nice by itself, the combination with lime green is fabulous. The combination is vibrant and attention worthy.

Magenta and Coral: because summer is the season for bright colors, this is why magenta is a color to be tried. However, combining it with coral tones down the loudness of magenta for those who don’t like the attention but still want to rock the colors of summer.

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