What our fashion says about us!

What our fashion says about us!

Is what you wear simply just that, clothes? Nope I can't say that's it. There is so much more that people can learn about a woman before even hearing how the sound of her voice. It is true, initial appearance does go a long way or no way at all. Just think for a minute, just looking at the outer appearance of someone can somewhat tell you just how they felt waking up this morning. Is she dressed comfy but cute? Thrown together? Stilettos and skirts? Spiked boots and leggings? Or a hot summery maxi dress? Believe it or not, a woman's outwardly appearance affects her internal emotional well being. To feel good is to look good, to feel great is to look even better. So you wonder, how can I make today an even better day? Start by scrolling through your closet and find something that reflects the way you'd rather feel, maybe something that incorporates some bright colors to assist you in an explosion of happy feelings. Or take the sexy approach which doesn't always involves spikes and booty shorts. Oh there is so much more I have to tell you ladies, let's chat. Tell me your thoughts, help me create a community for us 😉 see ya soon.

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